Pay claim 2024

Unions call for a rise of £1.60 per hour or 7%—whichever is highest

On 25 January, we submitted our pay claim to COSLA for this year’s Scottish local government pay deal.

We are calling for a one-year deal with

  • a rise of £1.60 per hour or 7%, whichever is greater
  • a call for early negotiations to ensure the pay deal is implemented by 1 April

Download the full pay claim for 2024/25 (PDF).

The Council are only budgeting for a 3% pay rise, but they are already doubting that this is enough—see 4.11 in the budget report to the Finance and Resources Committee.

Chair of COSLA, Katie Hagman, also understand that the current level of funding to local government, which doesn’t cover a real pay rise, is not enough and will inevitably lead to industrial action, as noted in the video below.

Council workers demand a real-terms pay rise. As you can see from the pay deal history, most council workers have had only two, very small, real-terms pay rises since 2010—every other year being a pay cut.

How the pay negotation works

The pay deal is for all local government workers in Scotland. Workers taking action as part of this are doing so on behalf of all council workers—

Read our guide to local government pay to understand how we negotiate for pay.

Members lead the pay negotiations.

Members informed the pay claim by completing a survey in November 2023.

Members have their say by speaking to reps.

The reps pass on views to the branch’s reps on Unite’s Scottish Local Government Committee. This is where Unite sets its position—informed by your views.

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