Social care workers Unite to win!

Opportunities for social care workers to have their say to improve conditions

Update May 2024: Members in Social Care, please join us to discuss the issues affecting you at work in meetings on Wednesday 15 and 22 May 1 to 3pm at the Unite office at 22 York Place.

Workers in social care face ever increasing challenges at work—

  • low pay
  • demanding conditions
  • increasing use of technology
  • no access to council vehicles
  • low mileage rates with high fuel costs
  • expectation of unpaid work outwith contracted hours.

But we know that is not all.

Read on for more on how Unite is organising within social care to fight for the issues that matter most to members.

Home care survey

We are running a home care survey to collect the views of all home care workers in the City of Edinburgh Council—regardless of union membership. We want to understand what issues you face at work and get a picture of the challenges you face.

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Have your say on the sexual harassment policy

We encourage members to have their say in the consultation on the Council’s sexual harassment policy. The survey is open until 14 May for workers to have their say directly.

Complete the sexual harassment policy survey

Consultation with the trade unions begins on 23 April. Contact the lead reps with any comments or questions:

May Day 2024

Unite members march together on 5 May

May Day is international workers day. We are calling on all members to join us as we march for May Day on Sunday 5 May 2024—comment below or contact a branch official to let us know you’ll be part of the Unite block.

Assembling at Johnstone Terrace at 11:30am to march at 12pm, arriving at the Pleasance for the rally.

The rally is compered by Susan Morrison, with speakers including:

  • Tasneem Ali, Music Women’s Association
  • Amanda Fyffe, Living Rent
  • Mike Cowley, ex-EIS-FELA
  • Mick Hogg, ex-miner

And music from:

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