Unite’s position on local government pay

The consultative ballot Unite held in January rejected the pay offer by 55%. Unite informed COSLAof this.  The members of our sister unions—Unison and GMB—accepted the offer. At the SJC meeting with COSLA on 1 March, Unite made representations on behalf of members and outlined that the offer was rejected because the offer does not […]

Pay offer update

The three unions that form the Scottish Joint Council (SJC) for Local Government Employees, and their ballot results for pay, are Unite – 55% reject Unison – 91% accept GMB – ballot closes on 28 February, recommending members accept. Unite’s Craft employees accepted the same deal offered to local government employees by 84%. The Unite […]

Fantastic Festive Wishes

It’s Christmas and we had considered publishing a bumper Christmas Annual to celebrate the year past and look forward to the year to come. However, when we started writing it we became too depressed and decided to discontinue as we didn’t want to spoil anyone’s festive break. We’ll come back in the new year with […]

Pay rally on Wednesday 12 December at 12 noon

Join public workers from across Scotland in a rally outside the Scottish Parliament on 12 December at 12 noon to press the case for a budget for public services that restores pay protects our precious public services. This is the day the Scottish Parliament will be debating the budget for 2019/20. Trade unions want to […]

Unison join Unite in rejecting CoSLA pay offer

Our comrades in Unison today joined the growing throng of Local Government workers across Scotland who feel insulted by the derisory 3% pay offer from CoSLA. Unison’s rejection of the pay offer is almost exactly the same as Unite’s.  Union members have spoken,  CoSLA and the Scottish Government should listen carefully. Members of Unite, Unison […]

Unite craft members reject COSLA pay offer

Unite the union has today confirmed that its local government craft membership has voted to reject the COSLA pay offer by 69%. Of those that rejected the offer, 90% voted for industrial action. The craft agreement covers trades persons including joiners labourers painters electricians. The craft membership will meet with Unite’s local government membership, who […]

Unite members reject local government pay offer

On 16 October, Unite the Union announced that its local government membership rejected the revised pay offer from COSLA and voted to authorise the union to move towards an industrial action ballot. Following a month long consultation, 73% of Unite members voted to reject. Of those who rejected, 88% indicated support for industrial action. COSLA’s offer […]