Our branch

Unite City of Edinburgh Council Branch is branch number SC/133/86.

We represent all jobs and all grades of workers in the City of Edinburgh Council, whether full-time employees or agency.

Decisions are made by the branch committee, which consists of all reps in the branch. Members are welcome to attend the branch committee.

Get involved

A union is a membership organisation that you build and grow with your colleagues. This branch is made up 100% of Council employees that want to work to improve the pay, terms and conditions of workers in the Council.

You may want to

  • influence the branch’s position on something in the Council
  • have the branch support a cause
  • share information about something in the workplace
  • help Unite be more visible in your workplace
  • become a rep.

Whatever it is, we’d be delighted to have you involved. The more members are engaged with their branch, the more we can achieve!

Contact the secretary or convener to get involved.

Branch officials

Secretary and treasurer: Brian Robertson

The secretary:

  • brings members together by arranging meetings, keeping records and communicating with members.
  • work with reps to ensure that the union is strong in their workplace
  • ensuring that the branch has a say in union elections and policy making – submitting nominations and motions for conferences.

The treasurer ensures that the finances of the branch are correctly recorded and reported. They prepare the paperwork for the quarterly audit by the regional administration.

Brian is an Economic Development Officer.

Brian sits on Unite’s:

  • Executive Council
  • Scottish Executive Committee
  • National Local Government Committee
  • Scottish Local Government Committee, which he chairs.

He also sits on the:

  • Scottish Joint Council
  • Lothian Pension Fund Pension Board.

Convener: Graeme Smith

The convener presides over all meetings of the branch, keeps order and ensures that business is conducted in accordance with the union’s rules and branch standing orders. The convener works closely with the secretary to co-ordinate the running of the branch.

Graeme is a Senior Web Development Officer. He has worked for the Council since 2009, starting as a Pupil Support Assistant.

He has been a union rep since 2016, was vice convener from 2018 and has been convener since 2021.

He sits on Unite’s:

  • Scottish Executive Committee
  • Scottish Local Government Committee
  • Edinburgh and Lothians Area Activist Committee

He also sits on the

  • Edinburgh TUC Executive Committee
  • Morning Star Committee for Scotland.

Equalities Officer: Fiona Ewing

The equalities officer raises awareness and promotes equality of opportunity in the branch; advises and supports members in relation to equality issues; encourages participation of women, BAEM, LGBT and disabled members at all levels and promotes education for minority groups.

Fiona is a social worker.

She sits on Unite’s Scottish Local Government Committee.

Learning Rep: Amanda Cunningham

The union learning rep works with the employer to met learning needs of members. They liaise with Unite’s education team to arrange courses for members.

Amanda works in Digital Services.