Our branch

Unite CEC Branch is branch number SC/133/86

Unite the Union is recognised by the Council for the purposes of collective bargaining for local government employees and craft operatives.

99% of our 1,500 strong membership are employed in frontline services, working on wages below the national average. We are most interested in bargaining for these relatively lowly paid frontline workers.

The branch is made up of elected officials and organising committees that support the work of the reps. Officials run the branch and, through committees, decide policy and strategy.

The City of Edinburgh Council provides meeting space in various workplaces. The branch sometimes uses facilities at the Unite Edinburgh area office at 22 York Place.


Total branch membership as at 15 May 2018 was 1,483.

Of our membership 64% is male and 36 % female. The gender balance is up from around 10 to 15% female in late 2012 and we continue to strive for equality.