What to do if you are under disciplinary investigation

The what to do… series of posts explains the steps members should take in various situations within the Council.

  1. You will be notified of the allegations against you in writing, not just by word of mouth.
  2. As you as you receive the written allegations, note who the nominated officer is—this will be the person that sent the letter—and contact a rep.
  3. The next step is an investigation interview. As soon as you have been informed of when this is, contact your rep to ensure they can attend with you.
  4. To prepare, make notes in response to the allegations, considering the circumstances at the time. If there are witnesses you may want to give their names to the investigating officer.

Do not discuss the disciplinary with any other council workers. You should only discuss with your rep and any worker assigned to support you or investigate allegations.

Informal resolution

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