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The Scottish Government has cut funding to Scottish councils year on year for the past decade. Edinburgh has endured £250m of budget cuts in the last five years. In 2019/20, it will face £41 million of cuts, with a predicted £106 million of cuts in the following three years. Jobs and services have been lost and continue to be cut.

The Westminster Government have cut the funding to the Scottish budget by 1.65% since 2013, but the funding the Scottish government gives to Scottish councils has fallen by 6.92% since 2013. This means that Scottish councils have taken the brunt of austerity cuts in the Scottish public sector.

We call on the Scottish Government and all opposition parties to

  • look urgently at the damaging impact of spending reductions
  • work together to increase funding to Councils.

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Pay rally on Wednesday 12 December at 12 noon

Join public workers from across Scotland in a rally outside the Scottish Parliament on 12 December at 12 noon to press the case for a budget for public services that

  • restores pay
  • protects our precious public services.

This is the day the Scottish Parliament will be debating the budget for 2019/20.

Trade unions want to get across their views on the budget, including money

  • for an appropriate public sector wage increases in 2019
  • to deal with homelessness and the social care crisis.

Public sector in crisis

We need more investment in all public services. Our NHS is under pressure and there is a growing crisis in care. Workers are standing up for services and standing up for themselves.

We need a fair deal for local councils. Teachers and local government workers emphatically rejected pay offers. Unions met in late November to co-ordinate plans should the Scottish Government and COSLA not provide a fair pay deal for local authority workers.

We need a fair deal for all public service workers.

The Glasgow equal pay strikes and the display of strength from Scottish teachers at their rally last month shows that public workers are losing patience.

City of Edinburgh Council budget

Thursday 22nd February 2018 will see the council set its budget once more.

Unions and those committed to Public Services will demonstrate out side the city chambers from 8.30am to 9.30am once more.

The council will set A CUTS BUDGET once more.

Read more from our comrades at Edinburgh TUC ETUC budget briefing 2018

Unite City of Edinburgh Council branch is supportive of deputations being made on behalf of the Joint Trades Unions of the City of Edinburgh Council and also the Unite Not for Profit Sector branch and Edinburgh TUC.