Social care workers Unite to win!

Opportunities for social care workers to have their say to improve conditions

Update May 2024: Members in Social Care, please join us to discuss the issues affecting you at work in meetings on Wednesday 15 and 22 May 1 to 3pm at the Unite office at 22 York Place.

Workers in social care face ever increasing challenges at work—

  • low pay
  • demanding conditions
  • increasing use of technology
  • no access to council vehicles
  • low mileage rates with high fuel costs
  • expectation of unpaid work outwith contracted hours.

But we know that is not all.

Read on for more on how Unite is organising within social care to fight for the issues that matter most to members.

Home care survey

We are running a home care survey to collect the views of all home care workers in the City of Edinburgh Council—regardless of union membership. We want to understand what issues you face at work and get a picture of the challenges you face.

Please complete the survey and share it with all home care workers.

Drivers’ focus group

Home care workers have to use their own cars and work. This contrasts with other groups of peripatetic workers in the Council, such as Housing Property Operatives, who are provided with council vehicles.

Council workers only receive 45p per mile. This contrasts with workers on the NHS side of the partnership who receive 65p.

In June, Edinburgh’s low emission zone (LEZ) in the city centre comes into force. Members have been in touch with concerns around this adding further costs when it comes to driving for work.

We have secured a focus group with Fleet Management to look at the issues faced by home care workers who drive for work. We hope the work of the group will lead to outcomes such as access to council and pool vehicles and actions taken to prevent workers falling foul of the LEZ.

We need members for the focus group to work. Comment below or contact Richard Cawker to show your interest—‭0785 157 4878‬

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