Housing and Homelessness review

The lead reps, for each area, are:

The formal consultation is due to start January 2024.

Read news about the Housing and Homelessness review

Read on to find out what’s going on in your area and let us know any questions using the comment box below.

Housing Property

Housing Property is in phase 2 of the review, so we may a bit more time.

We have been speaking with members to prepare for the review.

We will be hosting workshops with each trade in April. We need a handful of members from each trade to help write the job description. We have enough Electricians and Joiners, but need other trades. To get involved call Graeme Smith on 0771 948 1092.

Join the WhatsApp group for the review. Text your name and trade to 0771 948 1092 to have your request approved.

We need reps in this area, so contact a branch official if you are interested or want to nominate a colleague.

Housing, including Family and Household Support

The formal consultation began in January.

Contact the lead rep with your views and concerns.


We don’t expect significant changes in this area.


Concierges and Estate Officers will be in ‘phase 2’ of the review, so we have a bit extra time.

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