Pay 2024 update: Support your striking colleagues to win fair pay for all

We are currently awaiting an offer from COSLA regarding this years pay. Unite have urged COSLA and the Scottish Government to make us a suitable pay offer that we can submit to our members in a consultative ballot.

The headline in our claim is £1.60 per hour or 7% —whichever is greater. Most councils have only budgeted for 3% this year, so more funding will be required.

Strategy for action

Unite’s Scottish Local Government Committee have started their ‘stategy for action’ campaign to ensure you receive the pay rise you deserve. We have decided to focus on Waste and Cleansing as the area to take industrial action if needed.

Everyone will remember the courage, strength and solidarity of our Waste and Cleansing workers 2 years ago which secured a wage deal which brought in over £450m of additional funding and saw a real terms pay rise for the lowest paid council workers. Since then they have grown stronger in numbers.

Support the colleagues that fight for YOUR pay

We call on all members to fully support the action that may have to be taken by our Waste and Cleansing members. Remember, they will be standing up for your pay.


Working toward £15 per hour minimum wage and 4-day week

Last year’s pay deal establish a working party with COSLA to ensure that the minimum wage would bet set at £15ph within an agreed timescale. That working party met for the first time last month.

A working party on the reduction of the working week—with no reduction of pay—also met this month. This will look at reducing hours and a 4-day week.


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