International Workers Memorial Day 2024

On Sunday 28 April 2024 at 12.30pm at the Workers’ Memorial Tree in Princes Street Gardens West, join us in the annual gathering for International Workers Memorial Day as we remember those who have died at work in Scotland and everywhere and to pledge to make a safer world.

Please come and speak for your family, your union, your organisation. Lay a wreath or flowers.

Speakers will include Scott MacRory (FBU) and Joanna Cherry MP.

The theme this year is the impact of climate change on occupational safety and health.

Climate change and health and safety

Changing weather patterns have notable impacts on the world of work, particularly affecting workers safety and health. Examples of occupational risks exacerbated by climate change include heat stressUV radiationair pollutionmajor industrial accidentsextreme weather events and increased exposure to chemicals.

Extreme weather and changing weather patterns affect job security, travel to and from work, and the general the health for workers including having a negative impact on workers mental health. Work and living in extreme weather can cause fatigue and increases in workplace injuries and stress-related disease, higher UV exposures place workers at risk of chronic health problems, including skin cancer and eye damage.,

As many of you know this is an international day marked by the trade union movement to remember all workers who lost their lives to workplace illness or injury, and to recommit ourselves to fighting to keep workers safe: Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living!

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