COSLA play politics over pay offer

We still have not received a pay offer from COSLA. The Scottish Joint Council (SJC, consisting of Unite, Unison and the GMB) submitted our pay claim in January.

The pay deal is supposed to be implemented in April, yet COSLA still have not presented their first offer and have now taken to the internet to play politics and point fingers at the unions in a recent post on the COSLA website for ‘going public’ with the lack of progress.

The unions have gone public because COSLA have so little respect for the workforce that they can’t make a pay offer in a timely manner.

While Katie Hagmann may think there are some mythical ‘other options’ beyond putting money into workers’ pockets, we in Unite at Edinburgh Council disagree. You can’t pay your bills with working groups and empty promises. Council workers need a real-terms pay rise now. Any ‘other option’ being proposed is simply an invite for industrial action.

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