Become a rep

You are entitled to paid time off for training and duties as a safety rep.

To become a rep, you need to:

  1. be nominated by two colleagues who are Unite members
  2. complete two week-long courses—and there are two further courses to advanced your knowledge.

As a rep you must:

  1. attend the branch committee and abide by its decisions
  2. engage with the branch to carry out the necessary work
  3. adhere to the Unite rule book.

Contact our branch officials to learn about becoming a rep or read on to learn about the different types of reps and what training for reps is provided.

Types of reps

Workplace rep

Workplace reps are also known as shop stewards.

Health and safety rep

Health and safety reps protect workers. This can be

  • inspecting workplaces for physical risks
  • ensuring risk assessment are done properly
  • suggesting safer worker practices.

Health and safety reps are specially trained and legally recognised, with certain rights, such as the right to

  • have paid time away from work
  • have access to workplaces and information for inspections
  • be consulted with on decisions that impact health and safety.

Equalities reps


Training for reps